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What is effect of the PRP Fat Grafting?

Inject fat into areas lacking in volume to improve a voluminous and three-dimensional face. The skin regeneration ability is strengthened. Scar treatment is done quickly with the cell regeneration effect.Read More

What is the PRP Fat Grafting?

This is a surgery in which pure fat is harvested and PRP and pure fat are extracted and transplanted using a centrifuge. When fat is injected, PRP, which is highly concentrated in platelets, is injected together to increase the engraftment rate.

How much epoch does it takes to gain the PRP Fat Grafting?

It takes about 1 hour.

How is it painful sensation to gain the PRP Fat Grafting?

It depends upon the person, but Because fat is extracted and injected, sedation is usually performed. There is almost no pain during anesthesia.* There may be individual differences.

What is the a leg up of the PRP Fat Grafting?

The a leg up of the PRP Fat Grafting is When combined with PRP during fat transplantation, the engraftment rate of fat is higher and induces skin regeneration. With autologous platelets, there are few rejection reactions and side effects..

Which portion can I gain the PRP Fat Grafting?

It’s able to be operated upon the PRP Fat Grafting.

How much times does it takes to get restore from the PRP Fat Grafting?

Daily life is possible after 3-5 days.

It has no.3 popularity of Liposuction Clinic in Korea.

What is the adverse reaction of the PRP Fat Grafting?

Inflammation, etc. Read more* Consult with a professional medical team before surgery to get advice on side effects and complications, and recommend a careful surgical plan tailored to each individual’s condition. So always be cautious.

Price mean: KRW 690,651

Price high: KRW 2,200,000

Price low: KRW 305,135

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