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What is the adverse reaction of the Nostril Botox?

There are bruises, headaches, paresthesias, flu-like symptoms, injection site pain, and red, swollen skin.Read more* Before surgery, consult with a professional medical team to get advice on side effects and complications, and to provide advice on individual conditions. We recommend a careful surgical plan that suits you. So at all times be cautious.

What is the Nostril Botox?

It is a procedure that injects Botox into the muscles of the bulging nostrils (nostrils) or bulging nostrils (nostrils).

It has no.6 popularity of rhinoplasty clinic in Korea.

How is it throbbing to get the Nostril Botox?

It depends upon the person, but It is more painful than other Botox treatments. (It hurts to tears.) * There may be individual differences.

How much epoch does it takes to get the Nostril Botox?

It takes within 10 minutes.

What is effect of the Nostril Botox?

It is injected around the nostrils to paralyze the muscles of the nostrils so that the nostrils do not move even when smiling.Read More

Which allocation can I gain the Nostril Botox?

It’s nimble to be operated upon the Nostril Botox.

How much times does it takes to get remedy from the Nostril Botox?

Daily life is possible immediately after the procedure.

What is the jump of the Nostril Botox?

The lead of the Nostril Botox is Nostril reduction, muscle reduction, no anesthesia, quick procedure, no scars or traces left after the procedure, no recovery period required.

Price mean: KRW 59,000

Price high: KRW 59,000

Price low: KRW 59,000

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