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Which allowance can I gain the hairline correction?

It’s practiced to be operated on the hairline correction.

How much period does it takes to get the hairline correction?

It takes about 3-4 hours.

What is the a leg up of the hairline correction?

The a leg up of the hairline correction is non-incisional.

What is the adverse reaction of the hairline correction?

There is a possibility that curly hair will grow.Read more* Consult with a professional medical team before surgery to get advice on side effects and complications, and recommend a careful surgical plan that suits your individual condition. So constantly be cautious.

It has no.2 popularity of hair clinic in Korea.

What is the hairline correction?

Hairline correction is a type of hair transplant in which hair and scalp are removed from the back of the head and planted on the forehead.

How much epoch does it takes to get heal from the hairline correction?

It takes about 2 weeks.

How is it longing to gain the hairline correction?

It depends upon the person, but I have moderate pain. The pain improves 2-3 days after surgery.* There may be individual differences.

What is effect of the hairline correction?

If you apply it to an angled forehead, an M-shaped forehead, or an irregular hairline, you can see a good effect.

Price mean: KRW 3,035,286

Price high: KRW 4,314,286

Price low: KRW 1,560,000

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