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What is the adverse reaction of the filler?

There are bruises, erythema, itching, swelling, inflammation, etc. Read more* Consult with a professional medical team before surgery to get advice on side effects and complications, and recommend a careful surgical plan that suits your individual condition. So continuously be cautious.

What is the filler?

It is a procedure that injects fillers (such as hyaluronic acid) similar to human body components. It replenishes skin tissue using injections to improve wrinkles and facial volume.

It has no.2 popularity of Semi-permanent treatment clinic in Korea.

What is effect of the filler?

Improve lost volume and bumpy lines. Reduce wrinkles.Read More

How much epoch does it takes to get heal from the filler?

Daily life is possible immediately after the procedure.

How much period does it takes to gain the filler?

It takes about 20-30 minutes.

How is it pain to gain the filler?

It depends on the person, but Anesthetic injections can be painful. It may sting a little.* There may be individual differences.

Which portion can I gain the filler?

It’s dexterous to be operated on the filler.

What is the jump of the filler?

The edge of the filler is Immediate effect, simple procedure, short procedure time.

Price mean: KRW 103,712

Price high: KRW 118,144

Price low: KRW 85,987

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