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How much times does it takes to get the fat extraction injection?

It takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

What is the side effect of the fat extraction injection?

Bruises and swelling, a procedure that seems very simple, but since the injection tube is inserted into the fat layer under the skin layer, you can suffer from serious side effects such as nerve or blood vessel destruction if you do it wrong.Read more* Consult with a professional medical team before surgery to learn about side effects and complications. We listen to advice and recommend a careful surgical plan that suits each individual’s condition. So all the time be cautious.

What is the the upper hand of the fat extraction injection?

The a leg up of the fat extraction injection is Compared to liposuction, fat is extracted with a thin and small tube, so there is less bruising, swelling, and damage, and the recovery period is quicker, no scars, and no compression garments..

How is it throbbing to gain the fat extraction injection?

It depends on the person, but It is usually performed without anesthesia and there is almost no pain.* There may be individual differences.

What is the fat extraction injection?

It is a procedure that directly removes fat using a special syringe that can remove fat, and it is a procedure that combines liposuction and lipolysis injection.

How much period does it takes to get cure from the fat extraction injection?

Daily life is possible immediately after the procedure.

What is effect of the fat extraction injection?

It is possible to improve the body in a relatively short time by removing fat from areas that are difficult to lose through exercise.

It has no.4 popularity of diet clinic in Korea.

Which allocation can I get the fat extraction injection?

It’s clever to be operated upon the fat extraction injection.

Price mean: KRW 259,722

Price high: KRW 303,953

Price low: KRW 222,583

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