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It has no.2 popularity of Facial Contouring Clinic in Korea.

What is the adverse reaction of the aristocratic surgery?

Bacteria and saliva present in the mouth can cause inflammation in the surgical site. You must maintain good oral hygiene. Other than that, there may be facial asymmetry, implant foreign body sensation, and gum pain. Read more* Consult with a professional medical team before surgery to get advice on side effects and complications, and recommend a careful surgical plan tailored to each individual’s condition. So constantly be cautious.

How is it hurting to get the aristocratic surgery?

It depends on the person, but There is moderate pain. * There may be individual differences.

What is effect of the aristocratic surgery?

It gives volume around the sunken nose to make the mouth appear retracted, improves nasolabial folds by pulling sagging skin, and gives a three-dimensional and youthful image.Read More

What is the lead of the aristocratic surgery?

The edge of the aristocratic surgery is No scars due to intraoral incision, short procedure time, fast recovery, less bruising and swelling.

Which allowance can I gain the aristocratic surgery?

It’s able to be operated upon the aristocratic surgery.

How much time does it takes to get remedy from the aristocratic surgery?

Daily life is usually possible after 2-3 days.

What is the aristocratic surgery?

This is a surgery in which implants are inserted and fixed in the nasolabial folds through an incision in the mouth.

How much times does it takes to gain the aristocratic surgery?

It takes about 30 minutes.

Price mean: KRW 490,000

Price high: KRW 490,000

Price low: KRW 490,000

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