2023 How much does it cost to Ptosis?

KRW 390,000


KRW 538,462

These prices are based on national averages

Detailed Information

Expect Ptosis to cost anywhere from KRW 390,000 – KRW 538,462 depending on the type of Place and profundity of your treatment. Smaller area will cost in the region of KRW 390,000 – KRW 486,326, while major surgery can cost upwards of KRW 538,462.

Thinking of undergoing Ptosis operation on you?
With rising popularity of Korean plastic surgeries and deregulation of Covid rules, keeping a cap on your Ptosis costs is an important consideration, so you should pick an cost-efficient surgery. You also craving to factor in the cost of purchasing an Ptosis of the correct Place and how much Ptosis costs.
Read this guide to locate out more about:
  • How popular Ptosis is in Korea?
  • How much does Ptosis cost in Korea?
  • What is surgical method of Ptosis?
  • What is standard effect of Ptosis?
  • How much mean grow old is needed for Ptosis?
  • What is feasible side effect of Ptosis?

How popular Ptosis is in Korea?

The 305 of people undergone the operation in one year in Korea, ranking 5 in Eye Plastic Surgery Clinic part. Top age was 50, and summit gender was woman at 93 rate. The surgery was the most popular in 5th month.

How much does Ptosis cost in Korea?

It depends on the treatment area and mysteriousness of your operation.
Expect to pay around:

Types Cost
Minor Operation KRW 390,000 – KRW 486,326
Average Operation KRW 486,326
Major Operation KRW 486,326 – KRW 538,462
Total Range KRW 390,000 – KRW 538,462

The cost was the highest in April 2021 and the lowest in August 2020. Read more virtually the swap types of Eye treatment and who can legally give support to them for you.

What is surgical method of Ptosis?

Ptosis (blepharoptosis) refers to a condition in which the upper eyelid droops down due to the weakness of the muscles that open the eyes, making the eyelid gap smaller. Blepharoptosis surgery is an ‘incision ptosis correction’, which is a surgery in which a part of the upper eyelid is cut or wrinkled, and the eyelid is lifted up and attached.

What is received effect of Ptosis?

Expected surgery welcoming part: upper eyelid
By lifting the drooping upper eyelid, the muscles used to open the eyes are strengthened, and it corrects the so-called ‘sleepy eyes’ to clear eyes. see details Because it strengthens the muscles that open the eyes, wrinkles can be prevented as much as the forehead and glabellar muscles do not have power. Anesthesia is usually administered to relieve pain.* There may be individual differences.

How much mean period is needed for Ptosis?

It takes within about 2 hours. It depends on the treatment area and difficulty of your operation. Daily life is possible 7 to 10 days after surgery.
The grow old needed to look the effect is: 100% for A week later, 0% for right after the procedure, 0% for within a month.

What is reachable side effect of Ptosis?

Scars on the cornea may occur because the eyes do not close completely for a while after surgery, or dry eye syndrome may occur.Read more* Before surgery, consult with a professional medical team to receive advice on side effects and complications, and to determine individual conditions. We recommend a careful surgical plan that suits you.

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