2023 The cost of laminate?

KRW 337,167


KRW 383,825

These prices are based on national averages

Detailed Information

Expect laminate to cost anywhere from KRW 337,167 – KRW 383,825 depending upon the type of area and profundity of your treatment. Smaller Place will cost in the region of KRW 337,167 – KRW 370,056, while big surgery can cost upwards of KRW 383,825.

Thinking of undergoing laminate operation on you?
With rising popularity of Korean plastic surgeries and deregulation of Covid rules, keeping a cap upon your laminate costs is an important consideration, so you should pick an cost-efficient surgery. You also infatuation to factor in the cost of purchasing an laminate of the correct Place and how much laminate costs.
Read this guide to locate out more about:
  • How popular laminate is in Korea?
  • How much does laminate cost in Korea?
  • What is surgical method of laminate?
  • What is established effect of laminate?
  • How much mean grow old is needed for laminate?
  • What is viable side effect of laminate?

How popular laminate is in Korea?

The 5,369 of people undergone the operation in one year in Korea, ranking 2 in dental clinic part. Top age was 50, and top gender was woman at 76 rate. The surgery was the most popular in 7th month.

How much does laminate cost in Korea?

It depends on the treatment area and obscurity of your operation.
Expect to pay around:

Types Cost
Minor Operation KRW 337,167 – KRW 370,056
Average Operation KRW 370,056
Major Operation KRW 370,056 – KRW 383,825
Total Range KRW 337,167 – KRW 383,825

The cost was the highest in Aug 2021 and the lowest in Jan 2021. Read more just about the substitute types of Others treatment and who can legally support them for you.

What is surgical method of laminate?

It is a dental procedure in which a part of a tooth is removed for aesthetic purposes and then a porcelain pore is attached with a resin adhesive. After grinding the front teeth and making a pattern, make ceramic pores (tooth tips) and attach them.

What is usual effect of laminate?

Expected surgery easily reached part: teeth
You can expect fast teeth whitening and correction effect.Read more Quick whitening and correction effect I have tooth sensitivity and minor pain.* There may be individual differences.

How much mean epoch is needed for laminate?

It takes up to 1 week. It depends on the treatment area and difficulty of your operation. Same as treatment period.
The period needed to see the effect is: 91% for right after the procedure, 4% for A week later, 4% for within a month.

What is feasible side effect of laminate?

Tooth tips can easily break or fall off. Excessive tooth removal can deteriorate dental health, such as tooth decay and gum inflammation.Read more* Consult with a professional medical team before surgery to get advice on side effects and complications, We recommend a careful surgical plan that suits your condition.

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